A Carleton Residence community clean up trip to the Fletcher Wildlife Gardens!

Sustainable Living Themed Community

The Sustainable Living floor is designed for students dedicated to learning about environmental and social issues, as well as promoting environmental responsibility. Members of this community will have the opportunity to work together to plan and participate in a variety of environmentally focused activities throughout the year. By using this knowledge, students can create changes within their daily lives and in the larger community.

Green Room Certifications

The Green Room Certification program is an opportunity for students in residence to learn about how they can decrease their impact on the environment while living in residence. Interested students can follow a checklist of ways to implement physical and behavioral changes in their residence room to be more sustainable. Students can also sign up to have their room certified, based on the checklist, and receive money on their campus card for a successful certification.

Team Green

Team Green was formed in 2013 as a platform to engage the Residence community conversations and initiatives around sustainability. This group of students works closely with the housing department while making their own initiatives a reality.

They have been responsible for countless information tabling sessions, organizing our Carleton Residence Earth Hour events, and are a main source of sustainability communication to Residence students. Please join us or reach out for more information by emailing natalieallan@carleton.ca!

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Mindful Move Out

Every April thousands of students move out of residence, and sometimes items that could have been reused or recycled end up in the garbage. However, residence has created multiple initiatives to become more sustainable. The time leading up to move-out can be stressful with exams and final papers due, so it’s important to be proactive in terms of getting ready for move-out. Check out our Mindful Move Out Page to keep yourself organized!

Check out the Mindful Move Out Page, and download our Move Out Cleaning Checklist PDF so you can make sure the space is ready for incoming students and avoid any cleaning charges!

Right Bike

Ottawa is incredibly bike friendly, and it can be faster to bike than busing some places. It is a great way to explore the city, get some exercise, and go green!  Many of our students cannot bring their own bikes, so we brought the bikes to the students. Right Bikes are rent-able bikes supplied to students. They are located outside of our Residence Commons building and can be purchased through the Residence Reception Desk for 5 dollars a day!

The Caf

Go Local Every day! On top of our Go Local Wednesday program which profiles locally sourced entrees and desserts, our menu features up to 25% local ingredients daily. We continue to work on increasing our local procurement and bring in more products from our community.

Get involved with our Fair Trade Carleton Club: We are proud to be a Fair Trade Designated Campus. We are always looking for students to join our Fair Trade Carleton Club to help with events and work towards offering more Fair Trade products on our campus, if you’re interested email us at fairtradecarletonu@gmail.com . At the dining hall, we use all Fair Trade coffee, Four O Clock Fair Trade tea, and Fair Trade sugar.

MSC Certified Seafood! We purchase Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood in the dining hall. Look for their logo to identify which menu items are featuring our sustainably sourced seafood options.

Meatless Options: Our menu offers a variety of plant based foods including vegetarian and vegan options clearly labelled across the dining hall, and a designated all vegan station featuring six plant based dishes that rotate daily.

Work With Us!: We love working with students on projects that are important to them! Reach out to Jane Skapinker at Skapinker-jane@aramark.ca to inquire about opportunities to work with us on more sustainability initiatives.