1. What should I bring to Residence? What should I leave at home?

You will probably want to decorate your room, bring posters and photos of family and friends. Don’t forget to bring linens (including a pillow), alarm clock, radio, headphones, flashlight, hangers, kettle, coffee maker, power bar with surge protector and school supplies.

All of our residences have limited storage space, so please don’t bring any extra furniture or other large items. Also, beer bottles are not permitted in residence as well as pets, candles, electrical cooking equipment, subwoofers or any kind of weaponry.

Please see our Packing List for more information.

2. Can I have friends or guests stay overnight?

Overnight guests are permitted with the written consent of a roommate or suitemate. Guests may not be accommodated for more than seven nights per term. Overnight guests are not permitted in residence during Orientation Week or at any time during December and April exam periods. Please refer to the Residence Standards and Agreement for more information guests/overnight guests in residence.

3. What if I don’t like my roommate?

We suggest that you give yourself and your roommate time to get to know one another. There is much going on in the first few weeks of your new university life to which you may not have given yourself time to adjust. However, if you feel that your current living arrangement will not work, you can apply for a room change.  We start accepting room change requests at the end of September.  You would go through your Residence Fellow and/or Residence Manager to ask to be placed on a waitlist for another room type.

4. What is the alcohol policy in residence?

In accordance with provincial and federal legislation, residents who have reached the legal drinking age in Ontario – 19 years of age – are permitted to responsibly consume alcohol within their Residence room.

It is an expectation that all members of our community take responsibility for their actions when consuming alcohol and refrain from any behaviour that causes a disturbance in Residence.

Please be reminded that the distribution or sale of alcohol to minors is illegal in the province of Ontario.

5. What is the noise policy in residence?

Reasonable peace and quiet shall prevail throughout the Residence complex, including the exterior areas surrounding the Residence buildings, at all times. Noise must be controlled to the point that it does not disturb others in the community. Residents are reminded of the disturbing effect of their noise on others and will be expected to cease making noise when requested to do so. Residence Life staff, when able, will monitor the noise level in the Residence complex. Stricter enforcement of noise standards, by staff, will occur during examination periods in December and April.

6. What is the damage policy?

Actions causing damage or having the potential to damage facilities or equipment or which cause or have the potential to cause the need for extra cleaning are prohibited. Residents must not put anything on the walls, floors, ceiling, doors or windows that will disfigure or mark the surfaces when they are removed. Nails and tacks are damaging to the surfaces. Painting or wallpapering walls, writing on walls, doors, and other surfaces, sticking labels and bottle caps to walls, ceilings and doors and similar practices are also not permitted. Damage Control is designed to support the principle that the cost of all damages and/or loss over and above that associated with the normal “wear and tear” through reasonable use will be borne by the person(s) causing the damage. It should be noted that these repair charges are not punitive in nature and are intended only to recover the cost of the specific repair or replacement. However, in the case of damage resulting from deliberate or inordinately careless behavior, punitive charges may be added to the cost of repair or replacement.

7. Where is medical care available on campus?

All students, staff and faculty may use Health and Counselling Services for their medical care. Health cards or proof of medical insurance coverage must be shown at each visit.

Health Services Website

8. Is there storage available in residence?

There is limited storage space available during the academic year. It is advised that students living in residence only bring items that fit in their room.

9. Are there laundry facilities in each residence?

Each Residence building has washers and dryers that operate on campus cash through the use of your Campus Card. You can add money to your campus card online through the Campus WebCard Centre or at the Residence Reception Desk.

10. Can I bring appliances or cook in my room?

Students in traditional style residences are not permitted electrical cooking equipment. This includes popcorn makers, toaster, toaster ovens, microwaves, etc… Students in suite-style residences are permitted electrical cooking equipment to be used in the meal preparation/eating area only.

11. What if I lose my keys/access card or get locked out of my room?

Residents are responsible for their keys/access card. If a key/card is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Residence Desk immediately. A temporary key will be issued. For more information about the Lock/Key policy, please click here.

12. What happens in case of an emergency?

Residence Life Staff members are all trained in handling emergencies and have CPR and First Aid training. There are Residence Fellows on duty every night in each building who do nightly tours of their building. Full Time live-in professional Residence Managers also have on call duty, so they can be reached 24 hours a day. Campus Safety officers are also available- the emergency number from any residence phone is  613-520-4444.

13. Who cleans the residence rooms?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. On each floor in Residence, students will find a vacuum cleaner in the storage room. Staff clean the corridors, stairwells, elevators, lounges, lobbies and laundry room floors and the communal washrooms in Glengarry House on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, only the elevators, lobbies and communal washrooms will be cleaned.