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We are excited that you have settled in your new home, but it does not end here! Whether you are a freshman or a grad student, this site is here to provide you with all information and resources you will need to live a vibrant residence experience!

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“I loved my time in Residence and will forever remember the memories I made here. My advice to you is: meet as many people as you can! The friends I made here in my residence building, in the Caf, and even on move-in day became some of my closest, lifelong friends I’m so grateful for.”

– Pauline P., Glengarry House, 2017-2019

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Between the readings and assignments and the occasional laundry run, there is always something going on in Residence. Whether you are an upper year student interested in becoming a mentor or a first year student just getting a feel for university life, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

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Safety first! Check out these resources on Health and Safety to stay safe while living the best Residence life ever!

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You can’t get going with a hungry stomach. (Seriously, don’t skip meals!) Check out what the caf is having on their menu today!

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