You won’t know where the time went…

Blink and you’ll miss it! As a Residence student, you will have a check-out procedure to complete before your summer can officially begin!

All students are required to vacate their room no later than midnight the day following their final exam. Students with no take homes/exams are required to vacate their room by 12:00 am midnight on April 15, 2024. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the last day of your exam, find the Request for Room Extensions in April form below.

You will receive an email containing specific move out information. Check out procedures will be posted on all floors. Move out FAQ can be found by clicking here.

Departure from Residence Form

Once you have completely vacated your room, complete the Departure From Residence Form linked here.

Request for Room Extensions in April

We will be asking students to submit a Move Out form indicating the date they will be moving out as opposed to an extension form.  This is so that we have an idea of move out traffic on the roads, in the hallways and elevators for each day.  Further information regarding move out, along with the form, will be emailed around the middle of March.

Deadline to complete the form is April 15, 2024.