What is Included?

You probably have several questions about what your room will look like and who your roommates may be. Residence provides students with a furnished room and several amenities so that you do not have to worry about bringing furniture from home. Regardless of which building you live in, you can expect the following items will be ready for your arrival!

You can find additional information available on our Room Inventory Check-List by clicking here.

Things to Pack!

In addition to what is provided in your room, we encourage you to consider bringing some personal items to make the space your own. We also recommend bringing school supplies that can help you be successful as a student here at Carleton, and those that will support you in living a healthy, positive life in residence. Coming prepared and staying organized throughout the year can also contribute to your academic and personal success. Here are some ideas that might help you plan ahead:

Things to Leave Behind – What NOT to bring

  • Beer bottles (cans only, if 19 or over)
  • Pets of any kind
  • Extra furniture
  • Subwoofers or large speakers
  • Any sort of weaponry
  • Candles or incense
  • Cooking equipment (e.g. air fryer, blenders, toasters, etc.) – unless you are in a suite style residence
  • Space heaters
  • Your own fridge (don’t forget to rent from Coldex)
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Drinking paraphernalia
  • Drum sets and electric guitars