When you accept residence, you accept an eight month agreement (September – April). Please read the following information from section 17 through section 21 in the Residence Agreement regarding moving out before the end of your agreement below.

17. The University may terminate this Agreement upon giving the Resident 72 hours’ notice if:

  1. the Resident ceases to be registered in courses at the University; or
  2. the Resident fails to make any payment owing under this Agreement by the date on which it falls due.

18. Notwithstanding item 17, the University may choose to, and reserves the right to, terminate this Agreement by giving the Resident 24 hours’ notice if the Resident breaches the Agreement and/or Residence Standards.

19. In the event of termination and unless the Agreement is terminated as per section 20, the Resident shall remain fully responsible for all residence fees as stipulated in section 20 .

20. A resident who is unable to continue living in residence due to medical reasons, and/or exceptional circumstances beyond their control, may submit a written application, along with any applicable supporting evidence including medical documentation, to the University to request pro-rated refund of their residence fees. The application must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the Resident’s withdrawal from Residence. Applications will be considered and determined by the University at its sole and absolute discretion.

21. Where this agreement is terminated:

  1. the Resident shall pay to the University an administration and processing fee of $700.00.
  2. the University shall post a credit to the Resident’s University student account for any amounts charged for the period after the date of termination or the date the Room was vacated (whichever is later), from which the University may off-set any amounts owing to it by the Resident pursuant to clause (a). No credit of fees shall be granted after March 1, 2023.
  3. if the Residence Agreement is terminated for reasons related to conduct, the Resident shall be liable for the full amount of residence fees and shall not be entitled to a refund of any part thereof.

Please review the Residence Agreement to understand your contractual obligations before completing the residence withdrawal application below:

If you choose to vacate residence with no fee adjustment, please ensure to follow the steps below: 

  1. Remove all belongings/debris from your room/common areas and ensure it is clean.  Take pictures of the clean room. 
    • Carts may be available to sign out at the Residence Reception Desk.
  2. Lock your door
  3. Go to the Residence Reception Desk to advise you are checking out, and return room keys if applicable.

If you wish to apply to withdraw from residence, please complete the application form below”

April 5, 2023 – The withdrawal form is no longer available.  If you are departing residence, please complete a Departure from Residence form linked here.