Healthcare on Campus

Health and Counselling Services is your health and wellness centre on campus. Here you will find a healthcare facility that provides medical, counselling, and health promotion programs to students and staff.

The team of medical professionals including family physicians and registered nurses provides outpatient medical services and serve as primary care providers at Health and Counselling Services (HCS). Appointments can be made for general health concerns, and walk-in services are available for those in need of more immediate medical assistance. HCS provides specialized services to meet the needs of the Carleton University student, faculty, and staff population in addition to basic medical and walk-in services.

The main facility is located in the Carleton Technology and Training Centre where you can also find a pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. For additional information, please visit the Health and Counselling Services website or visit the Mental Health and Well-Being website.

Counselling in Residence

We are very pleased to offer a unique Health and Counselling Services satellite office located in Renfrew House where students can seek confidential counselling. Here, short term counselling is available to help alleviate distress and promote healthy functioning. Some examples of issues students may discuss with a counsellor include: coping with stress and homesickness, handling a crisis, increasing self-esteem, gender identity, eating disorders, and dealing with alcohol and drug concerns. If you would like to meet with one of our counsellors in residence, please call (613) 520-2600 ext. 8061 or visit their office in 131 Renfrew. You can also find more information by visiting the Residence Counselling page.