Residence Special Accommodation Request

Students may submit a Residence Special Accommodation request if they have a physical or non-physical disability, medical condition, special dietary need or gender identity that may affect their room assignment or ability to use the meal plan.

The Special Accommodation request is submitted as part of the regular the application process.

Deadlines to upload the supporting documents:

  • Upper year/Graduate students applying between February 1 – 15, 2024 for the room lottery:  February 15, 2024
  • First year students (guaranteed and non-guaranteed): June 10, 2024

Requests and documentation received after the specified deadlines will only be considered under exceptional circumstances as determined by the Department and by space availability.

Please note that submitting the special accommodation request does not guarantee any specific style room accommodation.

Accommodations in Residence

Students with disabilities are recommended to contact the Paul Menton Centre. The PMC is responsible for coordinating academic accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. Please visit their website for further information by clicking here.

Please note if you receive an academic accommodation through PMC (i.e. reduced course load), please request PMC to forward this documentation to Housing and Residence Life Services for review.  Accommodation through PMC is not automatically shared with Housing and Residence Life Services.