Welcome! We are pleased that you are considering living in residence. Carleton University and its Residences are a dynamic and diverse environment. Our community includes people from across Canada and around the world, making up a mosaic of different languages, traditions, cultures, political beliefs, and faiths. So whether you’re coming from Australia, France, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Mexico, Chile, China, Germany, Spain,  England, Scotland or any one of the other partner institutions of Carleton International, residence is a global village that we hope will allow you to live, learn and grow.

Please note that you must have an ID number  issued to you by Carleton University (the first three digits will start with ‘101’) before you can apply for residence.

The 2020 – 2021 Residence Agreement can be viewed here.  The 2021 – 2022 agreement will be available in the Spring of 2021.

1. Apply for residence online

The first step would be to log on to My Carleton by clicking here and select Carleton Central. Once in Carleton Central and you have reached the Main Menu, scroll down to Housing Services and click on Apply to Residence. Please note that if you wish to apply for residence, you will be required to pay a $35 non-refundable application fee. The $35 application fee can be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express, any Visa/Debit* cards) or by Interac, also through Carleton Central. Please note that only customers of RBC Royal Bank, TD Bank, First Nations may use the Interac option, through Carleton Central. *If you are using a Visa/Debit card, select the Pay with your Credit Card section on Carleton Central to make payment.

After paying the application fee, you will receive an email 48 hours later with instructions and a link to our Residence Information Form.  Click here for more information.

A number of spaces are reserved for exchange students in both traditional and suites residence.

Applications received over and above the number of reserved spaces will be entered in the Residence Lottery held on June 25 for exchange students. Deadline for applications to be included in the Room Lottery is 4:30 pm, June 22.  Applications received after the draw date will be added to the waitlist, or offered space if available.

For other important dates and deadlines, please click here.

2. Waitlist information

Based on available space, students will be forwarded an Offer of Residence Accommodation or a waitlist assignment number. Space will be offered in waitlist order, as it becomes available through cancellations.  It is important that you set up and check your Carleton email account, which we will use to communicate with you. You are also welcome to contact our office to check your status.  For more information about being on a waitlist, please click here.