Personal Safety

Living in residence is a very different environment than living at home. While it may feel natural to be at ease and feel comfortable with your new surroundings, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Even though regular patrols of campus are conducted by Campus Safety and Student Safety Patrol members to make sure the community is safe, it is helpful to think of our campus as a small city: If there are measures of personal safety that you would take off campus, please ensure you take them on campus and in residence as well.

Please click here to visit the Campus Safety website for more information about personal safety.

Personal Safety Tips:

  • Report suspicious people or activities to Campus Safety. If it makes you feel uncomfortable or gives you an uneasy feeling, chances are something’s not right!
  • Keep your door locked, even when you are in your room. You wouldn’t leave your front door at home open, so why leave your residence room open?
  • Do not share your keys, access cards or campus card with others.
  • Never open building doors or let people into your residence building if you do not know them. If someone you do not know tells you that they have forgotten their card to get onto the floor, don’t let them in. Instead, remind them that the Residence Desk staff can handle lockouts.
  • Never leave your personal belongings unattended. If you are studying in the TV or study lounge and need to leave, bring your laptop or textbooks with you.
  • Try to leave your bags in your room when heading to the caf even when the caf provides storage cubbies for belongings.
  • Stick to the safe paths when walking after dark. These paths are marked by yellow poles, and provide additional lighting as well as an emergency push button.
  • Try to walk with a group or a buddy, particularly after dark, both outside and within the tunnels.
  • Contact Foot Patrol if you are walking on campus after dark and would prefer not to walk alone.