Waste Diversion

Residence makes every effort to ensure that we are diverting waste away from landfills and into places where it can be recycled. Every floor has access to paper and plastic recycling in their garbage collection areas or in lounges. Additionally, deposit stations can be found all around Residence!

Residence Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Program

Since 2013, the Housing Department has partnered with the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Program and diverted more than 3,700 kilograms of items from local landfills – while also raising funds for an important cause.

Lookout for our red bins during move out so that you can donate your unwanted clothing items!

Special Waster Depot

As part of ongoing commitments to waste reduction, there are two Special Waste Depots in residence. They are located in the Raven’s Roost (1st Floor Stormont House) and the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services (261 Stormont House). These locations will accept the following items: batteries, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, printer toner cartridges.

Composting on Residence

Students in Russell, Grenville, and Leeds Houses are all supplied with one compost bin per room in Russell and Grenville, and per suite in Leeds. This is a program we hope to expand in the near future to encompass all of Residence!

If you’re not in one of the buildings above but are passionate about composting, you may borrow a composting bin through the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services! All you have to do is fill out the Residence Compost Program form, ensure you understand the commitment you’re making, and pick up your bin. E-mail us at accomodations@carleton.ca for more details.

Electrobac Waste Bins

Carleton has partnered with Electrobac to provide small electronica waster and ink cartridge recycling on campus. In residence, these waste bins are located in Residence Commons. These bins accept: headphones chargers and cables, memory cards, cell phones and cell phone chargers, ink cartridges.

(Not accepted- batteries, lights, VHS and cassettes.)

The Caf

Composting: Through our waste management program, we are now a zero waste facility, with over 90% of our materials diverted from the landfill!

Trayless dining: We’ve eliminated the use of trays at all our locations. Research shows that removing trays reduces food waste by 25-30% per person!

Leanpath: We’ve implemented an innovative new waste management system which allows us to prevent food waste with industry-leading food waste smart meters that weighs and quantifies what we’re throwing away. This has brought great awareness for our staff and has improved our practices tremendously.

Recycling Oil into Biodiesel: Our partner ClearFry picks up our used fryer oil and recycles it into bio-diesel fuel, which is then used to power landscape vehicles.

Green Paper Products: Our EcoLogo Certified napkins help save 146 trees, 60,056 gallons of water, 34,318 kilowatts of energy, and recycles over 17,159 pounds of waste paper. They are made from biodegradable and 100% recycled content.