Supports in Residence:

Within our Residence community we strive to provide students with various supports and resources. Most of these supports are there for students on a 24/7 basis. Not only are supports provided on the floor in which students are living but within the Residence community itself.

Residence Life Staff:

Residence Fellows:

Residence Fellows are upper year students who live and work on each Residence floor. They are a role model, resource person, helper, community developer and leader for the students on their floor. A major part of their role is to help create a community that is conducive to learning, academic success, and personal growth and development. A Residence Fellow can be seen as a 24/7 support system for all students.

Residence Mangers:

Residence Managers are full-time professional staff members who supervise Residence Fellows as well as students. They act as an additional support for students, and promote a positive community atmosphere. These are staff members who also live within our Residence community. They are also on a 24/7 rotating on-call schedule which helps to provide students with constant support.

Additional Supports:

Residence Counsellors:

Another support in which we provide for students who live in Residence is our very own Residence counsellors. We provide short-term confidential counselling to help students manage a variety of mental/emotional challenges and promote healthy living. In addition to our three licensed counsellors, we work with housing staff to run events and activities in the Wellness Space and are home to the Mental Health Champions.

Attendant Services:

Is a 24/7 program for students with special needs. They help to promote an independent lifestyle by providing personal support. For more information click here.