Room change applications will open October 2, 2023. Applications are not available before this date.

Before you request a room change application, please review the link below for detailed information about our Room Change Policy and Procedures.

Please also see below a copy of the “Shared Space Connection Worksheets” roommate agreements:

Room changes are offered in a first come, first serve order unless there are extenuating circumstances.  In addition, single rooms for students in first year are limited and it is infrequent that waitlisted students are offered a single room.

If you apply for a room change, as spaces are reliant on availability, we are unable to guarantee that you will be contacted within a specific time frame.

Students requesting to change from a traditional to suite style, or from a double to a single should be aware that there is a cost difference.  Should you accept a space in one of these options, the fee difference is prorated to the date you move to your new room.

Starting October 2, if you wish to be considered for a room change, please email the Housing team and provide a short description of why you wish to change rooms in order to receive access to the Room Change Application form;