Living in residence is a great way to learn and gain experience outside of the classroom. One of the ways to find these experiences is to get involved with the community around you.  In residence, there are several ways you can do this which include: Joining the Student Engagement Committee, volunteering your time as a Mental Health Champion, visiting the Raven’s Roost, and participating in events, programs, and committees in and around residence!

Mental Health Champions

Mental Health Champions are a diverse group of Carleton students who challenge themselves and those around them to learn and spread principles of positive psychology and wellness. All that is required to volunteer is a genuine interest in helping and in developing your qualities of empathy, leadership and interpersonal skills. While our focus is on contributing to a thriving residence community, students living both on and off campus are welcome to participate. To find out how to get involved, please email Mental Health Champions here.

Mental Wellness Mentors

Mental Wellness Mentors are a peer based mentorship program provided to Carleton University Residence students, intended to support students in their transition to university. They offer coping strategies and structured supports to assist with mental health, mental wellness, self-awareness and transitional concerns for students in Residence. This program is fantastic as is provides an alternative means of outreach that is non-judgmental, confidential and fosters healthy/ positive engagement within the Residence and campus community. It is a great way to make connections with others and it gives you extra support throughout the year. For more information email Natalie Allan by clicking here.

Residence Peer Conduct Board

Peer Conduct Board is comprised of students, forming two boards that hear cases related to violations of the Residence Standards. The Board meetings are chaired by a student chairperson, and members have the opportunity to review incident reports, interview students who have been involved in alleged misconduct, and make decisions about responsibility.

Residence Wide Events & Student Led Initiatives

Residence Wide Events are events in which our Community Development Team puts on throughout the academic year. They host events such as Ice Cream Study Breaks, the Roommate Game, the Price is Right, and many more.

Student Lead Initiatives are created with some help from their Residence Fellows. Students can the initiative to plan floor activities for their community. These activities could include going off campus, or creating activities on the floor itself.

Residence Serves

Residence Serves is a one day sessions for Carleton students to participate in hands-on learning by real-world engagement in the Ottawa community. Services include helping at the Ottawa Food Bank, Fletchers Wild Life Conservation, Ottawa Soup Kitchen, and many more. Each session is approximately 3-4 hours in length and each session can be added to your Co-Curricular Record. Click here for more!

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