Special Interest Communities


The Alcohol-free community provides students who have made a personal commitment to share an alcohol-free living experience. Students who choose to live in our alcohol-free community, including their guests and/or visitors, will not be permitted to possess and/or consume alcohol in this community.

If students have indicated on their residence application that they would like to live in our alcohol-free community, we will do our best to accommodate those requests. We would like to note, however, that students who have not made this request on their application will not be placed in our alcohol free community. Students are expected to follow the Residence standards and the additional expectations as outlined above when in this community.

Single Gender

Some students have indicated that they would like to be placed in a single gender community.


In each house, one community is designated a Quieter community. Additional consideration related to noise within the community is expected of those living in/visiting, through conversations facilitated by the Residence Life Staff members and the community.