Residence Special Accommodation Request

Submission of required documentation to support a Residence Special Accommodation request is used by the Department once a room offer is made and accepted by the student. The completion of this request by a student does not override the regular application process established for all individuals applying for residence accommodation according to specified due dates. The Department may request additional information that demonstrates that the student is unable to attend University if not offered on campus accommodation.

Students who wish to request consideration for Residence Special Accommodation based on a physical or non-physical disability, medical condition, special dietary need or gender identity request that may affect their room assignment or ability to use the meal plan must:

  1. Complete a Residence application on-line (Carleton Central) by specified date.
  2. Provide documentation from the appropriate medical professional.
  3. Submit a signed and dated documentation that provides explanation of your personal situation that includes the following:
    1. Specific nature of your request
    2. What you believe you require to meet your needs, and why
    3. What measures you currently take at your own living environment (home, apartment) that addresses your challenges
    4. If dietary related, you must indicate the specific limitations you have and how you believe this may affect your ability to use a meal plan.

Submission of this information does not guarantee any specific style room accommodation. There are a limited number of barrier free rooms to accommodate students with a physical disability.

Please note the Department may request additional information to assess the request, or permission to speak directly to the medical professional.

The medical documentation and personal request must be received in the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services by 4:30 pm:

  • Returning Students – Friday, February 22nd, 2021
  • Students new to Carleton – Friday, June 16th,  2021

Please send your documents by either email to; you can fax the documents to 613-520-3952 or mail them to:

The Department of Housing and Residence Life Services, 261 Stormont House, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON, K1S 5B6

Residence Special Accommodation requests received after the specified due dates will only be considered under exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Department and by availability of space at the time the application is received.

Residence is identified as a high density living environment and it must be recognized that it may be difficult to control this environment to the extent that is required to support some students’ needs. Students who submit a Residence Special Accommodation request must understand and acknowledge they are responsible to be self-sufficient, including the ability to effectively handle and manage their own personal needs while in residence, including using existing services on campus for personal support. Residence staff refer to appropriate community resources those Residence students who may, at times, find themselves requiring additional support.

Students are recommended to contact the Paul Menton Centre, which is responsible for the coordination of academic accommodations and support services for students with disabilities. Housing and Residence Life Services works closely with the PMC to ensure that students living on campus take full advantage of all the resources available to them. Please visit their website for further information by clicking here.

Physical Disability

Students who submit a request under a physical disability will be connected with staff from the Attendant Care Program to further discuss their specific needs. The program is available to students with various levels of physical disability and attempts to provide support to individuals according to their specific needs. In order to provide comprehensive services only a limited number of program places are available each year. Staff of the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services work closely with the Attendant Care Program staff to assess and accommodate these requests dependent on room availability. Final room assignments are decided by the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services and the Attendant Care Program according to the level of physical challenge and support requirement to the available room accommodation. More information about the Attendant Care Program can be found here.

A guide describing the program in detail is available free of charge by contacting the Attendant Services Co-ordinator at (613) 520-6615 or by e-mail

Non-Physical Disability/Medical Condition/Dietary Condition

Students who submit a request under non-physical disability/medical condition/dietary issue may be directed to meet with staff from the Health and Counselling or Food Services to further discuss their needs to support their transition to the University community. Please visit the Health and Counselling website by clicking here.