There are two styles of residence – traditional and suite – and within those styles, double and single rooms. While the majority of floors are all gender, we offer single gender floors, depending on demand. Rooms and washroom sharing is by gender, with the exception of gender inclusive living which students can request through the Residence Information Form. Each room assignment practice is contingent on the type or student, and is described in greater detail in the section titled Application Procedures.

Room Assignment Procedures by Student Type

Graduate students are assigned to the 6th floor and one wing on 5th of Leeds House. Suitemates are matched up according to requests, and are otherwise matched according to responses to questions on the Residence Information Form.

Returning students, upper year transfer students and exchange students are provided with the opportunity to request specific buildings and or type of residence. Rooms are assigned according to the order determined by lottery.  Offers will include a specific room. Students may request suitemates/canmates and are otherwise matched according to responses to questions on the Residence Information Form.

The majority of first year students are accommodated in double traditional rooms. First year students may indicate their preference for one of the limited traditional singles, suite doubles or suite singles on their Residence Information Form. With the exception of  special needs requirements, themed community floors and the requirement for accommodation over the December closedown period, the rooms are randomly assigned by residence room assignment software.

Roommate matching for suites and traditional double rooms is based on the answers provided on the Residence Information Form. We request that students answer these questions as accurately as possible to ensure we can find the best possible match of roommate/suitemate for you.

Some factors that we take into consideration when matching roommates/suitemates are:

  • Age
  • Faculty
  • Request for all gender/single gender floors
  • Smoking (although all residences are smoke free)
  • Answers regarding personal lifestyle

If there is someone with whom you would like to share a room, you can indicate so on the Residence Information Form. That student must also request you in order for you to be assigned as roommates. You will need the Carleton email address of your friends to add them to your roommate group. Note that they must also have completed the application process in eRezLife to be available to add to a roommate group. It is beneficial that your responses to the questions regarding lifestyle and preferences match.

For more information on applying for residence at Carleton University, please consult the Residence Application Procedures section of our website by clicking here.

Room Changes

Requests for room changes will be accepted commencing September 29th. Room changes are offered on a first come, first serve basis according to student type and availability. While every attempt is made to accommodate room change requests, a new room assignment is not always readily available. Residents will be contacted if and when there is a new room assignment to consider.  More information regarding room changes can be found here.