Where can I get more information?

The Department of Residence Life Services is hosting 2 information sessions where Residence Managers will discuss the role and expectations and Residence Life Staff will host a Q & A:

December 7th, 12:00 – 1:00 pm (372 Residence Commons) – You may grab your lunch in The Caf and bring it to the conference room through the doors on the right side of the Caf (from when you enter).  If you do not have a meal plan, you may enter the space through Residence Commons.

December 10th, 7:00 – 8:00 pm (Fenn Lounge, CO)

How much training is involved? 

All Residence Fellows will participate in Spring Orientation on March 4th, which prepares them for the upcoming year.  Residence Fellows also receive two weeks of intensive training during August. During this training they are taught the skills necessary to be successful in this role.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life Services also provides ongoing training and professional development for the Residence Fellows throughout the year in order to help them develop professionally and personally.

What would I gain from this role?

Through August Training and ongoing training sessions, Residence Fellows gain SafeTalk designation, diversity training, LGBTQ+ awareness and education, Upstander – bystander support, and a network of campus partners.  Residence Fellows also develop a number of transferable skills including, but not limited to team work, leadership, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, and mediation.

What if I am on exchange during the interview process?

Being on exchange during the interview process should not prevent you from applying or being hired as a Residence Fellow.  Please contact Blanka Vallillee at blanka.vallillee@carleton.ca if you are on exchange during the hiring period.  Alternative interviews will be held on January 30th.