Are you looking to meet new friends with similar interests? Are you interested in enhancing your overall residence experience? Consider living in one of our five Themed Communities: Creative Arts and Design, Healthy Lifestyle, Sustainable Living, Technology and Media.  The Alcohol-Free floor can be requested through the Residence Information Form.

Themed Communities are an innovative approach to living and learning at Carleton University. Whether your passion is creative arts, technology, or the sciences, our Themed Communities provide the unique opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people and to connect with others outside of a classroom setting.

All Themed Communities are located in Glengarry House. All application questions for living in a Themed Community must be completed and received by the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services in order to be considered to live in one of these areas.

Creative Arts and Design

Do you love to create? For students who wish to live with like-minded artists, this community will allow students to showcase their talents as they explore creativity, and collaboration alongside people that share their passion. This community includes dancers, musicians, actors, directors, visual artists, engineers, architects, film-makers, designers, computer scientists and anyone who appreciates the creative process.

“Living on the arts  floor has been a really good experience. Right from the start we had so much in common and it took the fear of moving away from home for the first time. I’ve met many interesting people that I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. I think that choosing a themed community was one of the best decisions I’ve made. There’s always a lot of music, laughter and “interesting debates available to participate in at all times.” – Baden- 1st Year Journalism Student

Healthy Lifestyle

Do you love staying active, playing sports, or hitting the gym? This theme community is comprised of residents who are committed to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Residents of this community share such common interests as nutrition, fitness, meditation, relaxation, appropriate rest, yoga, sports, and other activities and hobbies that promote a healthy living. The Healthy Lifestyles Community fosters an environment where students can strive for a well-rounded, healthy balance of mind, body and spirit in order to achieve personal and academic success.

Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Living floor is designed for students dedicated to learning about environmental and social issues, as well as promoting environmental responsibility. Members of this community will have the opportunity to work together to plan and participate in a variety of environmentally focused activities throughout the year. By using this knowledge, students can create changes within their daily lives and in the larger community.

Technology and Media

Do you love the technological world we live in? Are you a master at playing, programming, or creating various forms of media and technology? Do you understand the difference between hardware and software and want to live amongst those who do? This theme community is for those that wish to explore, share and learn along side those that share these passions. Students will be provided with the opportunity to share their strengths and hone their skills.