Special Interest Communities

Designated Quieter Floors

In some residences we have designated quieter floors. These are designed for those students who wish to live in a quieter environment during the school year.

Substance-Free Floor

This healthy living option in Prescott House and traditional style residence is for students who are willing to make a commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Students are not permitted to possess or use alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco, cannabis, drugs, drug paraphernalia or illegally obtained prescription medications within their designated sub-free space. Students who have reached the legal age of majority (nineteen in Ontario) in substance-free housing further agree that, should they consume products while away from their residence, will not return to their room while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. To honor the rights of those who have applied and are assigned to this community, these expectations also apply to guests visiting these areas.

 Single Gender Floor

Every year there is a least one single-gender floor in Residence.  These floors are based on demand.

While we strive to provide all students with their room and floor preferences, we are not able to fulfill all requests.