A Residence Fellow is looked upon as a role model, resource person, helper, community developer and leader for the students on their floor.  Under the direction of their Residence Manager, Residence Fellow’s have a commitment to creating a community that is conducive to learning, academic success, personal growth and development. The Residence Fellow achieves this community in part through interaction with students on an informal and formal basis in groups and by creating one-on-one connections. These connections and interactions with each individual community member is the primary principle of developing a community based on respect for personal safety, the well-being of one’s self, the community and Residence Standards.

The position of Residence Fellow can be challenging because they work with students and administrators, learn to articulate rights and responsibilities for both the individual and the University, and balance their own academic and personal responsibilities.

Residence Fellow Duties

  • Establish a presence in their community in order to develop a positive rapport and familiarity with all floor residents.
  • Be the first contact and resource for students
  • Assist and refer students in academic, social, personal and student conduct matters.
  • Complete all assigned administrative work such as email, weekly logs, student journals, Roommate Agreements, daily communications
  • Document violations of Residence Standards
  • Inform students of the regulations, policies and procedures of Residence as outlined in the Residence Agreement, Residence Standards and Residence Handbook.
  • Actively support, promote and create Residence Life initiatives
  • Coach residents and team members through interpersonal conflicts and alert Residence Managers regarding special needs or concerns of individual residents or challenging areas in the community.
  • Create a positive and inclusive community in order to foster respectful relationships among all in the residence community.
  • Ensure community safety and security within reasonable limits and respond to emergencies as required.

Why become a Residence Fellow?

Certifications & Training 

  • SAFE talk
  • Diversity training
  • LGBTQ+ awareness & education
  • Upstander – bystander support
  • Network of campus partners
  • Student Development Theory

Transferable Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership development
  • Effective communication
  • Crisis intervention
  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Conflict resolution & mediation


  • Residence accommodation and meal plan are provided for one academic year. The meal plan is All Access.
  • Residence Fellows are compensated for their Residence Fees and meal plan.
  • A stipend of $250 is given to each Residence Fellow for the successful completion of August Training.
  • Rideau River Residence Association/Graduate Students Association fees are paid by the Residence Fellow.

What we look for in an Residence Fellow

We hire for attitude, we train for skill. 

Candidates who are selected for the Residence Fellow position often have experience in and a passion for providing service to others. These students can clearly articulate both the challenges and tremendous benefits and opportunities that accompany living in residence. The individual suitable for the Residence Fellow position will be self-motivated, take initiative and be capable of functioning both independently and within a group. This individual must possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, and be willing to commit their efforts to enhance the Residence Life experience by fostering a culture of community and personal engagement. This position should be viewed as a lifestyle commitment.


  • 2nd year standing and up for 2018-2019 academic year;
  • 6.0 GPA over four full credits or equivalent during 2017-2018 academic year; and
  • Enrolled in full time studies (four full credits or equivalent) for 2018-2019 academic year.

Themed Community Residence Fellow

Themed Communities (TC) are an innovative approach to living and learning in Carleton University Residence. These are communities where students can learn beyond the classroom based on an interest or theme and allow students to create a supportive network outside of the classroom, to become actively involved in their community through interest based learning, and to take a stronger leadership role in their residence experience.

Themes are based on student interest and are subject to change. Here are the 2016-2017 Themed Communities located in Glengarry House:

  • Creative Arts & Design
  • Technology & Media
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Sustainable Living


A TC Residence Fellow is expected to fulfill all the regular requirements of a Residence Fellow in addition to:

  • Implementing assigned Residence Curriculum based on given theme
  • Promoting any on-campus programming including ongoing student engagement sessions that encourage floor leadership and pertain to the Themed Community values
  • Facilitating discussions with students and helping to organize a large scale “Legacy Project” showcase for all Themed Communities and Living Learning Communities in Residence, primarily organized by a core group of interested students
  • Developing their Floor Theme based on their assigned theme
  • Monthly check-ins with the Coordinator, Community Development and Student Engagement

An additional stipend of $150 is given to each Themed Community Residence Fellow. 50% of the stipend will be paid at the end of December 2016 and the remaining 50% will be provided at the end of April 2017 based on the successful completion of job expectations.

What we look for in a TC Residence Fellow 

Candidates who are selected for the Themed Community Residence Fellow position often have experience in and a passion for providing service to others in the themes they have indicated as their top choices. They should exhibit a passion and dedication for their top choice themes that indicates they have had previous positive experience that would help this community to develop. Their time management skills should be strong due to the extra commitment and nature of this role. Enrollment in a similar academic program, participation in clubs and organizations, ability and confidence to connect with on-campus partners, and past experiences that highlights their passion for the topic of choice are qualities that would help the Themed Community Residence Fellow in their role.