The Role

Residence Fellow Role:

A Residence Fellow (RF) is looked upon as a role model, resource person, helper, community developer and leader for the students on their floor.  Under the direction of their Residence Manager, Residence Fellow’s have a commitment to creating a community that is conducive to learning, academic success, personal growth and development. The Residence Fellow achieves this community in part through interaction with students on an informal and formal basis in groups and by creating one-on-one connections.

Residence Fellow Lifestyle:

Being an RF is not your typical job because it is a live-in position.  It is not a job that you can “clock-in” for; instead, you are living that role all the time.  As there are no set hours in this role, some weeks you will work more than others.  This role includes a variety of responsibilities.  We ask our RFs to build community on their floors and buildings; engage in conversations with their students; offer peer support through transitions; and provide information, resources, and connections.  Furthermore, RFs uphold the Rights and Responsibilities of Residence and work on-call shifts.  Essentially, the role is designed to meet the needs of students in the Residence community.  Because students’ needs are dynamic, so is the role of the Residence Fellow.

Leaders in Residence:

The Department of Housing and Residence Life Services is looking for candidates with diverse leadership styles.  We know that student leaders come with a variety of experiences and styles.  That being said, our ideal Residence Fellows are open-minded, strong role models, resilient with a positive attitude and some leadership experience.  We hire RFs for their attitude and train them for skill.  In training, new RFs are taught active listening, communication, and conflict resolution/mediation skills, among many other skills.  We do not expect candidates to have all of the skills to be a RF, but we do expect an open mind, positive outlook, and willingness to learn.

Support for Residence Fellows:

There is a very large support system for our Residence Fellows.  There are 5 Residence Managers who rotate on-call and available to support RFs 24/7.  All RFs also participate in Spring Orientation (March 22nd) and intensive August Training to prepare them for their new roles.  During this training, RFs are taught all the necessary skills to be successful in their position.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life Services also provides ongoing training and professional development for RFs in order to further develop their skills.  RFs meet with their respective Residence Manager every two weeks for one-on-one conversations and with their House team every week.  RFs always have someone to turn to for support.