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How Your Meal Plan Works

The All Access Plan and All Access Plus allows unlimited entry into the caf.

The Reduced Plan (10 meals per week) – Each time a student swipes into the caf, the meal count is reduced by 1 until it reaches zero. On Sunday at midnight, the plans are all reset back to their full count – any unused meals from the previous week don’t carry over. Students can keep track of how many meals they have left each week through the Meal Plan Review system found within the Campus Card Web Centre.

Meal Plan Changes

From the commencement of the Fall Term, beginning September 7th students may change their meal plan option any number of times* (including residents of Leeds and Frontenac who wish to opt out) up to and including September 21, 2020.  After that date, and until the end of the Fall Term, meal plan options may be changed only if the change results in an increase in the number of weekly meals.  From the commencement of the Winter Term, students may change their meal plan option any number of times* up to and including January 18, 2021.  After that date, and until the end of the Winter Term, meal plan options may be changed only if the change results in an increase in the number of weekly meals. *The first meal plan option change made in each of the Fall and Winter Terms is free of charge; a $25 administrative fee will be assessed for any subsequent meal plan option changes.

Meal plan fees will be adjusted accordingly to the Student Account.  If applicable Dining Dollars are non refundable; Dining Dollars loaded for the fall term fees will remain on the Campus Card.  Dining Dollars for the winter term will be refunded back to the student account, unless the meal plan change request is done in the winter term. In that case, Dining Dollars are non refundable.

Apply for a Meal Plan Change by clicking here.

Sick Chits

If you are not feeling well, contact your Residence Fellow or Residence Manager to make arrangements. They will provide another designated individual (likely a friend) with a Sick Chit that allows them to pick up a meal and return it to your room.

Dining Dollars – All Access Plan and Reduced Plan

The All Access meal plan and Reduced Plan include a Dining Dollars portion that can be used outside the caf at any of the Dining Services locations on campus. Dining Dollars are great because they are tax exempt and also receive a 2% discount on all purchases, but can only be used to purchase food. Please note that the funds are split by term and pro-rated based on the number of days in each term. Please note that any remaining Dining Dollars expire as of April 30th.

Boxed Meals

Can’t make it to the caf for one of your meals? Why not order a Box Meal to take with you on the go!

Box Meal requests must be made no later than 48 hours before the meal is required. Meals are often ready for pickup as early as 4pm the day before the meals are requested. Pick up your meals at the checker desk at the caf. Be sure to bring your campus card.

More information regarding a Box Meal can be found by clicking here.


Have additional questions? Check out the Meal Plan FAQ by clicking here or the Dining Services website by clicking here.

Dietary Needs

Carleton Dining Services is committed to providing a safe & pleasant dining experience. We take a lot of pride in being able to support those with allergies, intolerances and special diets as much as possible. We have two Registered Dietitians on staff that work to ensure that our menus accommodate a variety of dietary needs. Our menu icons program provides easy identification for the following: vegan, vegetarian, halal, and no gluten.


If you have a dietary question or concern, please contact us at . Our chefs and managers are also extensively trained in dealing with dietary needs and can provide you information about our recipes and ingredients.

We rely on the ingredient listings of our food manufacturers and processors. The reliability of our manufacturers and processors is a key component of Dining Services’ overall approach to food quality and safety, including dealing with allergens and a variety of dietary needs. Based on our manufacturer’s information and a sophisticated system of food production management including transparency of recipes and ingredients, we can advise students on which foods won’t contain ingredients in question. However, because of the all-you-care-to-eat style of our dining room, there is a risk of cross-contamination so we cannot guarantee that our dining hall is ‘free’ of any of the priority allergens.