Laundry Reader Operations

  1. Campus Card Laundry Reader Operations
  2. Select an unused laundry machine, load clothes;
  3. Note the Machine Number you have loaded;
  4. Swipe Campus Card at the Laundry Reader closest to the machine;
  5. When the display changes to MACHINE NO. ?, enter the machine number where you loaded your clothes (to correct a mistyped Machine # press CLEAR and re-enter the correct Machine #);
  6. Press ENTER;
  7. WSHR or DRYR xx $1.65 will display for three seconds, then alternate between, then alternate between ENTER TO START and CLEAR TO RESTART;
  8. If selection is correct PRESS ENTER.  To CHANGE or CANCEL selection, PRESS CLEAR – You will be returned to step 4;
  9. When authorized CHARGED $1.65 and BALANCE $xxx.xx will display for three seconds, then change to APPROVED WSHR or DRYR xx.  The MACHINE selected will be activate;
  10. The laundry machine will now be activated, noted by characters “FLASHING” on its’ display;
  11. Select the correct cycle for the clothing you are Washing or Drying.  The machine will start and display the approximate time remaining in the cycle.