Why should you live in Residence at Carleton?

Living in residence at Carleton University offers you the chance to become part of a vibrant community with many opportunities and conveniences.

“Residence is a great place to live because it is in residence that one will build lifelong relationships, learn valuable life lessons one can only learn while living away from home, and lastly to be part of a thriving community with endless opportunities to get involved and meet new people.” Michael C. (4th year)

By making your home on campus you will learn that it is more than just a meal and a place to sleep. Our program cultivates engaged leaders in their current and future communities by helping students develop self-awareness, positive relationships, and positive engagement.

To Help Answer Some of Your Questions:

For more information about our Residence program, including the value of living on-campus, please visit our booklet by clicking the photo below.

Getting Involved:

Living in residence is a great way to learn and gain experience outside of the classroom. One way is getting involved in the community around you!

“Future students should choose to live in Carleton Residence because it will help you discover who you are as a person and who you want to be. Through meeting new people and experiencing [unique] events in Residence, living on campus expand[s] your horizons and allows you to create connections.” Colleen L. (2nd year)

In residence, there are several ways you can do this, including joining Team Green, volunteering as a Mental Health Champion, visiting the Raven’s Roost, and participating in events, programs, and committees in and around residence. Click here to find out more!

Student Led Initiatives:

Residence Fellows help to facilitate opportunities for students to develop, lead, and plan activities for their community to build relationships. Students take a lead role in the creation of all materials that are needed to run their events.

As a prospective student, it is important to familiarize yourself with our website. To learn if Residence is the right option for you, explore our website’s different sections and be sure to check out our Residence Videos for a closer look at our buildings!

If, after reviewing the website, you still have any questions regarding Residence at Carleton University, please email accommodations@carleton.ca and a member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you!