Living in Residence at Carleton

Welcome to Carleton Residence! As a student, living in residence at Carleton University offers you the chance to become part of a vibrant community with many opportunities and conveniences.  Living on campus is more than just a bed and a meal plan; it is a lifestyle that promotes learning outside of the classroom, personal growth and development, community support and engagement, and leadership development. Our residences offer a space for students to study, interact, and develop positive relationships, while continuing to reflect on their future goals and purpose.

Living in Residence has also been proven to support our students’ success, with literature in the field demonstrating the value of a community based experience:

Group living influences maturation by exposing students to a variety of experiences and community-building activities.  What distinguishes group living in a campus residence from most other forms of housing is the involvement of both professional and [student staff] members in providing intentional, as opposed to random, educational experiences for students.  Students living in residence halls participate in more extracurricular, social, and cultural events; are more likely to graduate; and exhibit greater positive gains in psycho-social development, intellectual orientation, and self-concept than students living at home or community. (Schroeder & Mable, 1993)

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Getting Involved:

Living in residence is a great way to learn and gain experience outside of the classroom. Becoming involved in your communities is also a wonderful way to develop relationships with peers.

“Future students should choose to live in Carleton Residence because it will help you discover who you are as a person and who you want to be. Through meeting new people and experiencing [unique] events in Residence, living on campus expand[s] your horizons and allows you to create connections.” Colleen L. (2nd year)

Student Led Initiatives:

Residence Fellows help to facilitate opportunities for students to develop, lead, and plan activities for their community to build relationships. These opportunities help us create an intentional learning experience for students, and support in cultivating leaders in our community.  We also encourage our students to take a lead role in the creation of these events by designing marketing materials, promoting on and off-campus initiatives, and organizing events based on community interests. This could include movie nights, community art exhibits, sporting events, and many other fun opportunities to bring students together.

As a prospective student, it is important to familiarize yourself with our website. To learn if Residence is the right option for you, explore our website’s different sections and be sure to check out our Residence Videos for a closer look at our buildings by clicking here!

If, after reviewing the website, you still have any questions regarding Residence at Carleton University, please email the Accommodations Team at and a member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you!