Residence Waitlist FAQ

Confirming Your Waitlist Position

Please understand that the waitlist will not move very much on a daily basis.

Once or twice a month, we will send an email to the Carleton email accounts of students on our waitlist asking to confirm their waitlist position. If you wish to remain on the waitlist, it is your responsibility to confirm your waitlist position by the stated deadline.  Once you confirm, an automated email will be sent to your Carleton email account confirming your response – please make sure you have received the email. If you have not received the email that means your waitlist confirmation did not come through and your application will be cancelled.  Please go back into Carleton Central and confirm until you receive the email.

If you fail to confirm your waitlist position by the deadline, your residence application will be cancelled. In order to be re-added to the waitlist, you must send us an email. In this case, you will be added to the end of the list.

Please note that if you do not receive a room offer by October 13,  the fall term waitlist will expire.  Should you wish to be considered for residence for the winter term, you would be required to re-apply.  Please click here for more information regarding applying for winter term residence.

We Understand

We understand how hard and frustrating it might be to be on the waitlist. Although every effort is made to provide students on the waitlist with a room offer, we cannot make any guarantees. Please check out these alternatives in case you will not receive a Residence room offer.

Off-Campus Housing

If you wish to secure a place to stay when you arrive, we recommend you look for off-campus housing. Please click here for more information about off-campus housing.

Student Experience Opportunities

Afraid you will miss out on the full university experience if you live off-campus? Off-campus students may attend Frosh/Orientation, join Clubs and Societies, be a part of athletics/intramurals, or attend many other events that build your student experience. Visit the Student Experience Office for more information!

We do highly appreciate your patience while on the waitlist. Please feel free to contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life for any further questions you have by sending us an email.