The first step in applying for residence is through Carleton Central where you either accept a guaranteed offer of residence and pay the deposit, or apply for residence and pay the application fee.

The second step for all applicants is to complete the Residence Information Form (RIF) located in a web based program called eRezLife. You will be advised by email, sent to the Carleton email account, as to when the form is open for you.

Assignments to our 3,610 spaces, at least the majority, are managed through the room assignment tool in eRez. It is integral to the outcome and overall satisfaction that every student completes the RIF with honesty. And, most importantly, if you are the person who is going to be living in residence for 8 months, YOU need to complete the form – not your parent, sibling or friend.

The RIF includes a number of questions regarding your lifestyle, and what your preferences are in regards to room/suitemates. It also provides you the opportunity to share information with us that may affect your room assignment or use of the meal plan. Students in first year studies will be able to indicate a preference for a room type other than the double traditional offered, and upper year students are able to list their type and building preferences. It is through the RIF that students can request specific room/suitemates.

Note that preferences or requests for special consideration are not guaranteed.  For more information about special consideration, please click here.

You will receive an email with instructions on how and when to complete the form.  Applicants who have been offered a room cannot be assigned to one until the RIF is completed.

We are including the instructions below, for quick reference:


Please go to and set up your login password. You will require your Carleton email address. Please be sure that the Carleton email address you are using to log includes ‘cmail’. Example:  (not

Once you are logged in, click on ‘Housing applications’. You will see the application available to you, based on the session 2019-2020 and your student type.

Click `Apply now’. You will be prompted to confirm and complete your ‘My Housing’ profile.

Click on the housing session on the left hand menu to complete the Residence Information Form. Once you have completed the questions, please submit. You will receive a system generated confirmation email.


Once you have completed your residence application you will be able to create your roommate group. Click on the ‘Roommate groups’ menu on the left hand menu. Click on `create new roommate group’. Give your roommate group a name, and you can add up to 3 roommates plus yourself to a group.

You will need the Carleton email address of your friends to add them to your roommate group. Note that they must also have completed the application process in eRezLife to be available to add to a roommate group.

Once you have added the members to your group, they will receive an email letting them know that they have been added and they must log back into the system to confirm that they want to be a member of that roommate group.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Housing Office at, and not eRezLife, if you have any questions regarding your application/residence.