Pet Policy

Pets:  No animals of any kind are permitted in residence with the exception of fish in a non-filtered tank.

Services Animals:  As per the Carleton University Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Policy, residents with disabilities are permitted to use Service Animals. Service Animals are permitted throughout campus except in food preparation areas. Where possible, residents should acquire approval from Housing and Residence Life Services prior to the arrival of service animals.

A Service Animal is any guide dog, signal dog or other animal individually trained to assist a person with a disability. An animal is a service animal if it is readily apparent that the animal is used by a person for reasons relating to their disability or if the resident has a letter from a physician verifying that the animal is required for reasons relating to their disability.

In the unique situation where the presence of the service animal presents a significant risk for another person (i.e. severe allergies), the University will consult with all parties involved to come to a resolution.

Therapy Dog

Come and take time to paws your stress with Blue, the Residence Therapy Dog.  More information is available on the Health and Counselling website.