Moving Out – April 2021

You won’t know where the time went…

Blink and you’ll miss it! The year will be over before you know it, and as a Residence student you will have a check-out procedure to complete before your summer can officially begin!  All students are required to vacate your room no later than midnight the day following your final exam.  Students with no take homes/exams are required to vacate their residence room by 12:00 am midnight on April 11th, 2021.  You will receive an email containing specific move out information. Check out procedures will be posted on all floors.

Checking Out

Remember that residents sharing a double room, bathroom and a suite are equally responsible for the condition and furnishings of these areas.

Following is a check-list which will help you to prepare for moving out:

Room Inspectors will check bedrooms, suite areas and bathrooms for the following.

  • All garbage has been removed.
  • All furniture is in place and is in good repair.
  • Carpet has been vacuumed.
  • All posters, tape, or markings have been removed from walls, windows and ceilings.
  • Waste and recycle containers emptied and wiped clean.
  • Desk and vanity top wiped clean.
  • All drawers and cupboards empty and wiped clean.
  • Bathroom floor, bathtub, shower, sink and toilet all clean.
  • Kitchen and appliances in Leeds, Frontenac and Prescott cleared and cleaned.

If the above check-list is not met and/or failure to leave your room in a clean condition may result in a minimum charge of $100 charged to your Student Account.  

Express Check Out

Students are to use Express Check Out for moving out of residence.  Express Check Out envelopes will be available at the Residence Commons Reception Desk. Complete the form and place your room keys/swipe card inside the envelope and leave it at the Residence Commons Reception Desk, .  Failure to return the keys you previously signed for, will result in a $100 charge for each lock including room and/or suite doors, and $20 for access cards.  The room will be inspected after departure.  Please be sure to lock your door prior to returning your envelope.

Student are encouraged to bring their own handcarts as we will not have any available for use.

Return of Coldex Fridges

You will be contacted in early April by Coldex with full instructions for  returning your Coldex fridge.  Students will be required to leave their fridge in their room when departing.  Fridges will be collected after April 24th.  It is mandatory your fridge is left, clean, dry and defrosted. If you have not received an email by early April or have any questions please contact Coldex directly at by clicking here.


The following is a list of providers of storage facilities, which are available in the Ottawa area. Carleton University has not evaluated these services nor does it endorse them in any manner. Students use these services at their own risk and the University does not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage to property arising out of the use of any storage facility.

Store your Dorm – 1-416-953-0035

For more information, please visit the Store your Dorm website at

ALL students must check out of Residence no later than 12:00 pm noon, April 24th, 2021.

Students who fail to abide by the check-out procedures may be subject to an improper check out penalty fee that would be charged to the Student Account.

Please note the last night of Residence is April 23rd. All students must check out of Residence no later than 12:00 pm, noon, April 24th, 2021.  We are not able to assist students looking to extend their stay to accommodate a lease beginning after April 24th, 2021.

For those students who do not comply with the outlined procedure of prior approval, additional penalties/sanctions may be applied.