As a resident, you may need the assistance of one of the maintenance/trades staff to respond to a maintenance issue in your room, suite, bathroom or common area within your building.

What should I do if I have a maintenance concern in my room?

If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue in your residence room you can use our online work order request to report your concern. Login to Carleton Central from MyCarleton Login Portal and under “Housing Services” click on “Residence Maintenance”, fill out your request, and hit “submit”. Please note that response time for non-emergency work order requests can take up to 72 hours.

What are residence maintenance room inspections?

Residence Maintenance Room Inspections allow staff to better plan for routine preventative maintenance and alert the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services to any health and safety issues related to the cleanliness. If common areas of residence rooms and/or suites are found to have significant cleanliness issues, students will receive a written notice and will be afforded a week to address the issue(s). If, after a week’s time, the student chooses not to fix the concerns, maintenance staff will address the issue(s) and charges will apply. Any major damage to residence rooms and/or suites will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Maintenance room inspections occur in the middle of the Fall term and again in the middle of the Winter term.

Emergency Maintenance Issue

Are you experiencing an emergency maintenance issue in residence?  If it meets the following criteria, please phone the Residence Reception Desk immediately (5609) and appropriate staff will be dispatched to address the concern:

  • The issue affects the living of residents in the room, floor, building(s).
  • The issue will cause further damage or loss to the student or University property.
  • The issue will significantly disrupt activity within the residence building(s).

Bed Bugs

If you have reason to believe you have bed bugs, please contact your Residence Manager.

Submitting a Work Order

To report an issue, each resident has access through Carleton Central to the Online Maintenance Work Order program.  This work order must be completed for any repair work required in your room, suite or bathroom.

Login to Carleton Central
To fill out a residence maintenance request, login to Carleton Central

Click on ‘Residence Maintenance’
In the main menu of Carleton Central locate the “Housing Services” section at the bottom of the page. In this section you will find a link called “Residence Maintenance”. Click on the link to go to the online residence maintenance page.

Fill out your request and click ‘Submit’
When filling out a request, make sure to include the following:

  • The building name in which maintenance is required (Prescott, Lanark, etc).
  • The room number and suite designation if applicable (225A, 1040C, etc).
  • The exact location in the room where the repair is required.

Done!  Check back to see your request status
The online Residence Maintenance program keeps a log of all your maintenance requests.  You can check the status of your current maintenance requests by logging back into the system (steps 1 & 2) and viewing ‘Maintenance Requests Submitted’ section at the top of the page.

Damage to Personal Property

Carleton University and the Department of Housing and Residence Life Services are not responsible for loss or damage to property owned by students or others, regardless of the cause.  Students living in residence should ensure that personal belongings are covered by their own insurance policy.  Please take a moment to review the message from our Manager of Risk and Safety, Mr. Tony Lackey.

Computing/Network Issues

For computing / networking issues, please contact the CCS Service Desk: 613-520-3700 or

During Extreme Cold Weather

Facilities Management and Planning would like to remind members of the campus community to avoid opening windows and to ensure that exterior building doors are properly closed. This will assist in preventing pipes from freezing and other damage from occurring.