Lost Keys:

If you lose a key, please report the loss immediately to the Residence Commons Reception Desk in the Residence Commons building. Applicable charges will apply.

The five days of orientation week during both the Fall and Winter semesters are a grace period for students to become accustomed to holding onto their keys. Once the grace period ends, students are provided one (1) free temporary key for a 12 hour period over the duration of the 2015-2016 academic year. Any additional temporary keys are subject to a fee of $8.85 (+13% HST) for a 12 hour period. Keys that are not returned within the 12 hour period will be deemed lost and lost key charges will apply as follows:

  • Replace swipe card costs $17.70 (+13% HST)
  • Replacement metal key costs $88.50 (+13% HST)

Please review section 24 through to section 28 regarding the Lock Change Policy in the Residence Standards booklet.

24. The Resident shall be issued a key, set of keys and/or a key card for access to the assigned Room. The Resident will also receive a Carleton University Campus Card which provides access to the assigned Residence.

25. The Resident accepts responsibility for the safe keeping of the keys and the access/Campus Card. The Resident agrees to report all lost or stolen keys, access/students cards to the Residence Desk within 24 hours of them missing.

26. The Resident accepts responsibility to pay a key replacement and lock change fee of $100.00 for each lost or stolen key. After-hours calls to replace locks and keys on weekends may result in additional charges. The Resident accepts responsibility to pay a card replacement cost of $20.00 for each lost or stolen access card.

27. The Resident agrees that keys and/or access/student cards will not be duplicated or transferred to other individuals.

28. All Residence keys and access cards must be returned when the Resident vacates the Room. Failure to return keys and access cards upon the end of the term of Residency will result in additional charges.