Residence Peer Conduct Board

The Residence Peer Conduct Board (RPCB) is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students living in residence that hear alleged violations of the Residence Standards. The RPCB meetings are chaired by a student chairperson, and members have the opportunity to review incident reports, interview students who have been noted in reports for alleged misconduct, and determine responsibility. If the Board finds a student responsible for violating the Residence Standards, outcomes are recommended to the Residence Student Conduct Coordinator, which may include sanctions. All members of the RPCB must possess sincere interest and enthusiasm for working with other students and improving the Residence Community.

The position of the RPCB Team Member and RPCB Chair are filled by registered full-time students in good academic standing at Carleton University. The RPCB Team Members and Chairs are responsible for assisting in the overall implementation of procedures, and ensuring that all students are treated with fairness and provided the due process rights granted to them. Applicants must be available to attend weekly hearings on Sundays.

2023-2024 Residence Peer Conduct Board Applications Now Closed

Applications for the Residence Peer Conduct Board Team Member position for the 2023-2024 academic year closed on July 31st at 12:00pm EST. Stay tuned for future job opportunities.

2023-24 PCB Team Member Job Description

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