Residence Waitlist Information

Why am I on a waitlist?

  • Every year, the interest in joining our Residence community exceeds the availability of space resulting in the creation of waitlists.

How do I check my waitlist position?

  • You can check your waitlist position at any time through Carleton Central under “Housing Services” – “View Waitlist”.  This will provide you with a range of where you are on the waitlist, i.e. 15- 20.  If you would like to know your exact position on the waitlist and what your chances of receiving a room offer are, please do not hesitate to contact

Which residence waitlist am I on?

  • The majority of our accommodation provides traditional double rooms to first year students.  We also have rooms reserved for Returning Carleton students, New Upper year (transfer) students, Exchange students, and Graduate students.  We have different waitlists for each application type (which are also broken down by gender), i.e. if you are a first year student, you are on the first year waitlist; if you are a returning student, you are on the returning student waitlist, etc.

How long will it take to receive a room offer?

  • Available space is based on students, who have received and secured a room offer, cancelling, which is not something we can predict.  Based on what your waitlist position is, we will try our best to give you an honest response as to what your chances of receiving a room offer will be and what to do going forward.

Important Information you NEED to know

The waitlist will not move very much on a daily basis.  Once a month we will send an email to the Carleton email accounts of students on our waitlist asking to confirm their waitlist position.  Students wishing to remain on the waitlist, MUST confirm by the stated deadline in the email.  It is the responsibility of the students to confirm their position on the waitlist.  If the waitlist position is NOT confirmed by the deadline stated in the email, the residence application will be cancelled.  Students wishing to be re-added to the waitlist, must send an email to and they will be added to the end of the list.

Please note that students will remain on the waitlist even after the term begins as long as they keep confirming their waitlist position when communicated to the Carleton email account.  If a spot becomes available over the course of the fall term or for the winter term, and they are next on the list, we will still send an offer to residence.

If a residence room offer is available, the offer details/deadline will be emailed to the student Carleton email account.  Students should check their Carleton email on a daily basis.

We Understand

We understand how hard it is to be on the waitlist, and appreciate how frustrating it may be.  Although every effort is made to provide students on the waitlist with a room offer in residence, we cannot make any guarantees.  If you would like the security of having a place to stay when you arrive, you may wish to pursue the option of off-campus housing for an available off-campus accommodation.  Please click here for more information about off-campus housing.

Afraid you will miss out on the full university experience if you live off campus?  Off campus students may attend Frosh/Orientation (for more information click here), join Clubs and Societies (for more information click here), be a part of athletics/intramurals (for more information click here), and/or attend many other events (for more information click here) that build your student experience.  Please also visit the Student Experience Office by clicking here.

We do highly appreciate your patience while on the waitlist.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life for any further questions you have by clicking here.