Housing application procedures vary depending on an applicant’s academic status or term being considered. Please note that all student types, who are currently registered or who have accepted an offer of admission for the fall term and who will be registered in full time studies may apply/accept their offer online for fall residence as of 10:00am February 1st. 

The 2016 – 2017 Residence Agreement is now available.  The 2017 – 2018 Residence Agreement will be updated in the Spring of 2017.

Please determine your student status and then click on the appropriate link above for application procedures and deadlines pertaining to your application type.

Part of the application process includes completing the Residence Information Form. Your responses assist our staff with room assignment, and for students accommodated in double rooms or suites, help determine the best match for potential roommates or suitemates. You are asked to answer these questions as honestly and accurately as possible.  You will be notified by email 48 hours after applying with instructions and the link to the system to complete the form. For all students new to Carleton University, you must first activate your Carleton cmail account in order to log on to the system.

Those students who require special accommodation for medical reasons are asked to indicate this on the Residence Information Form when applying. Students who indicate this requirement on their residence application must also submit supporting documentation by the deadline as outlined in the “Special Needs” section.

While our Department strives to fulfill all requests for special accommodation in residence, we are not in a position to guarantee all requests.

In some residences we have designated quieter floors. These are designed for those students who wish to live in a quieter environment during the school year. We also have various specialty interest areas such as Technology and Media, Healthy Lifestyle, etc. For more information on these floors, consult “Themed Communities” for more information. If you are interested in living in a special interest area you are asked to indicate this preference on your Residence Information Form.

While we strive to provide all students with their room and floor preferences, we are not able to fulfill all requests.

All Gender Suite Living – Frontenac (2nd year) and Leeds House ONLY (3rd, 4th year & graduate students)

All gender suite living is being offered to residents of Frontenac and Leeds Houses for the 2017-18 academic year. These suites will be offered throughout the entire building, based on demand. Students of different genders will have the ability to share a suite, including the meal preparation and bathroom facilities by completing the appropriate section on their Residence Information Form.

Only those who request all gender suite living will be considered for assignment to one of these suites. It is assumed that all other students prefer the style of living in which men and women do NOT share a mutual suite.

While we strive to provide all students with their room and floor preferences, we are not able to fulfill all requests.