Hello Ravens,

Welcome to Carleton, and welcome to your new home! To those of you who are returning, welcome back!  

My name is Kofi Sakyi and I am the Residence Manager for both Prescott House and Leeds House. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you all to your home-away-from-home alongside my lovely Residence Fellow team. As a Residence Manager, I oversee these two buildings and will be around your community in many ways. The Residence Fellows live directly in your community and are here to support you, run fun programs for you to attend, and help make your time in Residence memorable and safe. 

Hey Prescott House! Did you know… 

  • Prescott House was built in 2003 and is the only suite-style building for First Year students. 
  • Prescott has almost 400 students across 6 floors, with 2 Residence Fellows per floor. 
  • The 1st floor of Prescott actually doesn’t house any students – it’s just for laundry and tunnel access (so the building technically has 7 floors)! 
  • 3rd floor Prescott is a designated substance-free floor
  • 5th and 7th floor Prescott is an upper year-designated floor 
  • 6th floor Prescott is a graduate-designated floor.

Learn more about Prescott House  here! 

Leeds House, did you know… 

  • Leeds House was opened in 2001 and is specifically for Third Year, Fourth Year, and Graduate-Level students. 
  • Leeds is also a suite-style building with single bedrooms, meaning that you will have your own bedroom within a suite shared by either one or three other residents. 
  • Leeds is home to almost 400 students across 6 floors, with 1 Residence Fellow per floor. 
  • Leeds also has classroom spaces on the first floor which are often used for lectures or Residence events! 

Learn more about Leeds House  here!  

I am so excited for you, our new and returning Ravens, to move in come September! I am looking forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to personally connect with as many of you as I can. Best of luck as you either start or continue your Carleton journey.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll CU soon! 

Kofi Sakyi (He/Him/His)

Residence Manager, Prescott House & Leeds House