Hello Ravens!

My name is Colleen, and I am the Residence Manager for Glengarry House! I started my journey at Carleton University what feels like simultaneously decades and seconds ago to complete my bachelor’s degree. As a first-year student, I lived on the ninth floor of Glengarry House and then ended up being placed on the sixth floor of the building for my second year to act as a Residence Fellow – You could say that I am familiar with the building! I was involved in the Residence community through student-staff and professional staff roles as I completed my bachelor’s degree and then as I completed my master’s degree at Carleton. I finally started my journey as the Residence Manager for Glengarry in January 2022! I am excited to welcome you to the community that I have cherished for so long, and I hope that it will become your home similar to how it has become mine!

As a Residence Manager, I am your point-person for community concerns and support throughout the academic year. You can email me at colleenlamanna@cunet.carleton.ca or say “hello” to me in person around Residence at anytime! You will also have 19 Residence Fellows (upper-year Carleton students who live in your community) available for support who I supervise! There will be either one or two Residence Fellows living on your floor who you can access when they are available. Your Residence Fellows will be looking to invite you to community events, one-on-one chats, as well as to complete your Shared Space Agreement with you and anyone you share a private space with. You can also see Residence Fellows during our Building-Wide Initiatives and while they complete their nightly building on-call tours throughout the academic year. You have many resources in Residence and beyond who are looking to support you on your journey!

Below I have listed a few of my favourite things about living in Glengarry that make being a part of our community so special, which will hopefully add to your excitement about living in Glengarry:

  • With our windows that have been updated within the past few years, so much light is let into the building no matter where you are situated! This allows for bright living spaces year-round!
  • Whether you are in a pod, a double room, or a single room, with the way that Glengarry is built community is never far! There is space on the floor for those who would prefer to spend time in the TV lounge as well as a separate space for those on the floor who would prefer to spend time in the study lounge.
  • Glengarry is in the middle of the other Residence buildings as well as connected to Teraanga Commons, which makes it a very convenient location to live! Teraanga Commons holds The Caf, Oasis (a late-night take-out location), Starbucks, Abstentions (a convenience store), the mailroom, the Residence Reception Desk, many vending machines and CU On the GO printers, as well as Fenn Lounge, which is where many Residence-wide events are held!

Stop by my “Meet Your Residence Manager” event in September so that we can chat! Information will be emailed out to all Glengarry House residents after move-in.

CU soon

Colleen Lamanna (she/her)
Residence Manager – Glengarry House