Carleton Residence thrives in providing student support to residents.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life services provides a variety of quality support services that enhance the student experience and allow for personal growth and academic development,

Entering university is a big transitional period in one’s life. This transition can bring about many feelings and situations you have not encountered before. Whether you are interested in learning more about different services which are offered to you on campus, have a personal situation in which you need assistance, or are interested in exploring the various opportunities available to you on campus, we have a number of different resources available.

Residence Fellows
Residence fellows are upper-year students who live on your residence floor throughout the academic year. They provide you with resources and support while you live in residence. Every residence floor with have one to two residence fellows living there. They act as a 24/7 support system for students living in their community. Residence fellows will connect with students throughout the year, host different community events and learning opportunities, as well as act as community leaders.

Residence fellows have been through the experiences of transitioning to the first year, and understand what it feels like and are there to make the experience easier for you. They will work towards creating a community that is conducive to learning, academic success, and personal growth.

Residence Managers
Another support that is available to residence students is Residence Managers. We have five full-time professional staff members who provide support to students as well as supervise the Residence Fellows in their respective buildings. They work towards creating a positive and inclusive community atmosphere in their community. Residence Managers are on a rotating 24/7 on-call schedule to provide residence students with constant support.

Residence Counselling
When living in residence at Carleton, students will have access to a counselling service which is provided only for residence students. This allows for significantly shorter wait times for appointments, and the potential to form a more personal connection with a counsellor. Residence counselling has three full-time trained professionals who provide short term, confidential counselling for students to assist them in managing mental and emotional changes and promoting healthy living. There are both scheduled and same-day appointments available.

Mental Wellness Mentors
Mental wellness mentors are a group of students who provide support to students and work closely with Residence Counselling Services. Mental Wellness Mentors are part of a peer-based mentorship program that is available to all students who live in residence. This program pairs residence students with an upper-year student who will be a mentor to you throughout the academic year. They provide one-on-one support, and focus on goal-building and strategy creation to help make the transition into residence and university easier.

Residence Case Manager
A Case Manager supports student success and wellness by connecting you with resources based on your individual needs. There are many resources available to students both on and off campus, however, it may feel overwhelming to navigate these alone. The Case Manager’s role is to simplify the process of getting the help you need. You can think of it as your one-stop shop for things, such as academics, housing security, general health, etc.