Hey Ravens! Move-in week is just around the corner, so here is some helpful information about what move-in is all about!

Before you move in, we ask that all residents complete the mandatory Residence Orientation course, which can be found on Brightspace. Make sure to complete the quiz at the end of the modules!

Now, let’s chat about Move-In! Here is some important information and reminders:

  • Move-in this year will span from September 1 to September 4, to ensure that all students are able to safely move in while following COVID-19 guidelines.
  • All students who have signed up for residence for this fall should have received an email to select their check-in date and time through their Carleton email. Students can also select if they are arriving late, or after hours.
  • Check out the Move-In booklet here to learn more!
  • We ask that while a resident is moving in that only twopeople accompany them to their room to ensure physical distancing can be manageable!
  • Remember to bring at least one piece of government issued ID with you on your move-in day. For example, your Drivers Licence, Passport, or Health Card. You will need this to pick up your move-in package which contains your key to your campus card, your bus pass, and the key to your Residence room.

We also have so many fun events being held during our “Welcome Week”! All events are open to students living in Residence and are free of cost. This year, we expect all events to be held in-person! Not only will these events be entertaining, they will also allow for you to meet other students living in residence this semester. Some examples include, a trip to the Parliament light show and a game of laser tag in the Residence Quad! Be sure to follow us on our social media for details on our Welcome Week and other fun initiatives throughout the year. You can find details on upcoming events and initiatives on Instagram @CarletonResidence and on Facebook @Carleton University – Residence.

Another important thing to remember is to pre-order your campus card! You will need this card to move into your building – it allows you to enter your building and your floor. By pre-ordering it you will be able to get it in your move-in package, allowing for it to be available to you immediately. You can do this at carleton.ca/campuscard/get-your-card/.

We can’t wait to meet all of you and to welcome you into the Carleton Residence community. CU soon!