Welcome to the Residence community!

  In Residence, we have implemented a 360-degree approach to student conduct to optimize student growth by means of learning and reflecting on each person’s role and responsibility within the community.

Our approach to student conduct is not only encouraging behaviour change to maintain accountability and the high standards and expectations of community living; we also proactively engage community members by recognizing their positive contributions to the community.

The Residence Standards compose of a right and responsibility students have within their communities. By having a right and responsibility, we are able to strike a balance between the needs of the individual and the community. This 360-degree approach provides residents with the opportunity to be accountable to their community.

For example, you have the right to a community based on mutual respect and acceptance; free from intimidation, harassment or discrimination. With that right, you have the responsibility to treat all members of your community with respect, acceptance and understanding.

For a comprehensive list of the Rights and Responsibilities of living in the Residence community, please review the Residence Standards.

Please feel free to ask your Residence Fellow(s) if you have any questions about the Residence Standards, they will be happy to discuss this with you.

All members of the community are encouraged to engage in positive interactions with their peers about the nature of community living, including when another person’s actions affect them. Residence Life Staff are available to provide support and guidance through these conversations.

For community members who have difficulty upholding the Residence Standards, their Residence Fellows or another Residence Life Staff will connect with them and engage in a conversation about their behaviour and how it impacts the community. The purpose of this conversation is to find a middle ground where both the individual and community can thrive.

A resident’s engagement in the student conduct process is crucial to ensuring that there is a balance between the rights and needs of the individual and the community! Where possible, students are given the opportunity to learn from and be accountable to their peers before meeting with professional staff. Outcomes from the conduct process are educational and designed with input from the student involved in order to promote reflection and encourage engagement.

Additionally, students who do an exemplary job upholding the Rights and Responsibilities may be recognized by their Residence Fellow(s) or peers as a Positive Contributor. Positive Contributors promote inclusion, community betterment and a positive environment for fellow community members; these individuals demonstrate initiative and strong leadership abilities. If you are interested in becoming a Positive Contributor, connect with your Residence Fellow(s) once you’re unpacked! They will share with you a variety of ways to positively be involved and contribute to your community, and how to recognize your peers for doing the same.

We look forward to having you join us!