Moving away from home is a big transition in one’s life. It can bring a lot of challenges that you have not experienced before. While navigating these new experiences, here at Carleton Residence we want to ensure that you are staying safe. The tips we share below can help you stay safe on campus.

Keys & Access

  • Make sure to keep your doors locked, even when in your room. You wouldn’t keep your doors unlocked at home, so don’t keep them unlocked in residence either.
  • Do not share your keys or campus cards with anyone. These are for your own use only.
  • Do not prop floor, bedroom, or suite doors open. If you need to leave, make sure you bring your campus card so that you can get back in.
  • Do not let people who you do not know into your residence building. If you see someone who says they have forgotten their campus card, do not let them in. Instead, remind them that they can go to the residence reception desk for lockouts.

Personal Belongings

  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. If you are studying or spending time in a common lounge and need to leave, make sure you bring your personal belongings with you.
  • When going to the caf, try to leave your bags in your room instead of bringing them with you.

Getting Around

  • When walking about campus, stick to the safe walk paths. These paths are marked by yellow poles which have a light on the top as well as an emergency call button.
  • Never walk alone on campus, Always walk with friends, especially after dark.
  • If you see suspicious activity on campus, report it to campus safety. If something gives you an uneasy feeling, odds are something is not right.

Campus safety

Campus Safety is responsible for the on-going wellbeing of Carleton students and staff. They facilitate patrol services, CUSERT (Carleton University Student Emergency Response Team), parking, and much more. They also provide first aid coverage at university events.

If you have an Emergency on campus, Contact CSS’s emergency line at (613) 520-4444 or dial 4444 from any campus phone.

Campus Safety also has a Non-Emergency Line: (613) 520-3612 or 3612 from any on campus phone.


Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is a safe walk and safety oriented service available to Carleton students. They are run through The Unified Support Centre, which is a volunteer based space.

The safe walk service is a service where 2 USC-Foot Patrol Officers walk on campus and up to one hour off campus, which includes public transit, seven days a week from 6pm to 2am. To request a safe walk, you can call (613) 520-4066 or drop by the USC office in 314 University Centre during their operational hours.

They also offer a Walk and Talk program from 6pm to 2am, 7 days a week, where you have the option to chat with a USC volunteer over the phone until you reach your destination. This service is available at (613) 520-4449

Residence Fellows

Residence fellows are upper year students who live on your residence floor throughout the academic year. They provide you with resources and support while you live in residence. Every residence floor with have one to two residence fellows living there. They act as a 24/7 support systems for students living in their community. Residence fellows will connect with students throughout the year, host different community events and learning opportunities, as well as act as community leaders.

Residence fellows have been through the experiences of transitioning to first year, and understand what it feels like and are there to make the experience easier for you. They will work towards creating a community that is conducive to learning, academic success, and personal growth

If you need assistance between the hours of 9pm and 7am, you can call the on-call residence fellow number for your building.