Welcome to your new home!

My name is Evgenia Mamina and I am a Residence Manager for Grenville, Russell, Renfrew, and Lanark Houses! I am excited to welcome you all in September alongside my wonderful Residence Fellows. We are here to ensure that your first year is the best! I wish you a great time in residence and I hope to meet you personally throughout the year!

The residence experience is truly unique and rewarding, especially when you embrace your new beginning here at Carleton University. You will have access to a lot of great resources and people to guide you along your new journey at Carleton. One of the best people you can turn to is your Residence Fellow (RF) who will live on your floor with you. Residence Fellows are upper-year students that support you along the way. Residence Fellows will turn your floor into a home away from home and provide opportunities for you to develop relationships with your floor-mates.

Here are some fun facts about the GRRL Houses:

  • All GRRL houses are named after counties in Eastern Ontario.
  • Renfrew and Lanark are carbon copies of each other! They both opened in 1962. In the typical year, Renfrew houses 168 residents, with 4 floors. Lanark houses 195 residents and also has 4 floors. Each house has 4 Residence Fellows – 1 per floor!
  • Russell and Grenville were both built 2 years later in 1964. In the typical year, Russell and Grenville both house just under 200 students, with 1 RF per floor.
  • All the GRRL houses are traditional style residences, which means students meet each other easily and become friends very quickly!

I am excited for you to experience residence life at Carleton University and learn more about yourself and others. My biggest piece of advice for anyone coming into a residence in their first year is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone – get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Some of the things that you can do are to be the first person to introduce yourself to everyone on the floor, organize an inclusive and welcoming event for your fellow floormates, and don’t ever be afraid to ask someone for help. Feel free to connect with me if you have questions or if you are looking to chat with someone. You can stop by 261 Stormont House to say “hello” or email me at evgenia.mamina@carleton.ca.

CU soon!

Evgenia Mamina (she/her/hers)
Residence Manager | Grenville, Russell, Renfrew, and Lanark Houses