Hello, and welcome to Lennox & Addington!

My name is Hagar and I am so excited to be the Residence Manager for what I hope is going to feel like your home away from home for these next 8 months! I am so eager to meet all of you and welcome you to the Lennox & Addington community this Fall! Not only will Lennox & Addington be home to you, but it will also be home to my team of 19 Residence Fellows, who will be working alongside myself to facilitate a supportive, exciting, and engaging environment for all of you!

As you get more acquainted with your Residence Fellows, you will find that they are a great resource to address many of your questions and concerns! They are just as excited to meet all of you as I am! Myself and the rest of the team care very much about you having a positive experience within the Lennox & Addington community 😊 We hope that with your help, we can build a community that facilitates growth and learning, as well as a space that allows for every community member to be their true authentic self with comfort and confidence.

If you ever want to connect with me, please feel free to email me, and I would be happy to set up a meeting between us! My office is located in 261 Stormont House, and my email is hagarmoustafa@cunet.carleton.ca. Don’t be shy to say hi if you see me around campus as well! I’m always happy to chat! Talking about music is a very easy way to start a conversation with me if you’re ever nervous about what to say! I love to sing and play guitar, and I also have a general appreciation for music, with rock and metal being the genre that has the biggest place in my heart!

I cannot wait for all of you to arrive at the Carleton campus and bring it back to life (It has been lonely and quiet without all of you here)! Welcome home 😊


Hagar Moustafa

Residence Manager – Lennox & Addington House