My name is Megan Baker and I am so excited to be the Residence Manager for your new home away from home.  I cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to our community in September. I am excited to welcome you to our home, with my 19 Residence Fellows, who will live alongside you, to support you throughout your 8 months in Glengarry.

Your Residence Fellows, myself and our campus partners are all here to support you through this journey and we are so excited to meet you.  When you see me around the community, I hope you will say “Hi” and know that I am here as an additional resource. Our time in Glengarry is going to allow us to learn along side each other and create positive community that supports each other and celebrates our uniqueness and what brings us together!

Glengarry has been around for a while, so knowing a few facts about the building might be useful as you prepare for it to be your new home!  Some fun facts:

Fun Fact #1: Glengarry was first opened in 1969 and was renovated in 2005, and for the past few years we have been working to continually enhance different aspects of the building. We are continuing that work so another step in that exciting process will be complete in time for your move in!

Fun Fact #2: Glengarry is connected directly to the Residence Commons Building, which means we are the closest to the mailboxes, the caf, the Residence Reception Desk, Abstentions, OASIS, and so much more.

Fun Fact #3: We’re on Instgram: @cu.glengarry ! Follow and tag us as you move in and throughout the year so we can see how our communities are engaging with each other in exciting ways!

Welcome to the #GlenFam. Connect with me if there is anything I can do to help support you throughout our year together at ! Can’t wait to welcome you home so soon!

This my puppy Prune and I enjoying the view of Dunton Tower from Dow’s Lake. We hope you love this area as much as we do! If you see us around campus, please say Hi!


Meg Baker