Hi Everyone and Welcome to Carleton!

My name is Ally Jewell and I am your Residence Manager for Stormont, Dundas and Frontenac Houses.

I’m really looking forward to welcoming you all to your new communities – new in that you’re just moving in and new in that we’re embarking on this experience amid COVID which is presenting us all with challenges and opportunities! I wanted to put together this blog post to share some information with you before you arrive. Hopefully, it will help to answer some questions and give you a bit of insight about what you can expect when you arrive on campus.

· Stormont and Dundas houses are connected to one another.

· Each have 4 floors, made up of traditional dorm style rooms. Generally, folks who live in Stormont/Dundas are first year students. Some communities in Stormont and Dundas have one residence fellow while others have two Residence Fellows.

· Stormont and Dundas wrap around a green space that we call the “Fishbowl”!

· The Frontenac Community has 6 floors and houses mainly upper year students.

· Each community in Frontenac has one Residence Fellow.

· Frontenac was opened in 2008 & houses up to 250 residents.

· Frontenac is a suite-style building – each suite has a shared kitchen, dining area and bathroom space with two attached individual bedrooms.

All together Stormont, Dundas and Frontenac houses up to 732 students! This is going to look a bit different this upcoming year with physical distancing measures in place. I’m really looking forward to meeting many of you over the course of the year and learning more about how we can make your residence experience a positive one!

Before you arrive on campus I’d encourage you to reflect on what you’re hoping to experience and accomplish in the upcoming year. Whether you’re looking to get to know the city of Ottawa, try something new or make a friend in your residence community we want to help make sure that you’re supported through this. Before you know it you’ll be settled in!

Over the course of the year you’ll be seeing me around campus and the residence community – please feel free to come say hi and introduce yourself! I’ll be making an effort to get to know you during your stay with us in Residence in a variety of ways – from building walks to joining your Residence Fellows for community hours and socials. I would also encourage you to reach out if you’re interested in connecting. Measures

will continue to evolve regarding how we can connect, but I’ll be around campus sporting a variety of masks and willing to chat!

Coming into this year I want to emphasize that we’re all learning how to navigate with COVID-19 world together. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them and to talk about the measures we’re putting in place.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and are looking forward to joining us at Carleton soon!