With Panda Game and Thanksgiving in our rear view mirror, we are approaching the midway point of semester 1 which means that we are officially into midterm season. Don’t worry though, midterms sound a lot more stressful than they actually are. To help get you through what may be your first set of midterms at university we made up a list of tips that will make midterms a breeze!

  1. Don’t procrastinate

One of the worst things you can do when studying for midterms is wait until the last minute to start your studying. You will get stressed, anxious and are much less likely to retain the information when you adopt this method of studying. If you plan ahead (see #6) you will be able to take a more relaxed approach to your studying and this should help you avoid frantic last minute studying!

  1. Study with friends

Once you have a good understanding of the material one of the best practices for studying is getting together with a group of friends and going over problems together or quizzing each other. For this type of studying to be most effective everyone should have a good understanding of the material, meaning when a group gets together it generally doesn’t go well when one person is talking about the material for the first time.

  1. Ask your professors or TA’s for help

In my time at Carleton, I have never met a professor or TA who hasn’t made themselves totally available to students during the midterms or exams. Generally, if you give them some notice they will make time to meet with you or if you just have a quick question they always seem to answer emails within a day or so. Seeing as these are the people who tend to create the exams they are always a pretty good source for helpful insight!

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Skipping meals and pulling all nighters is a recipe for disaster throughout the year but more so during midterm and exam period. You have to make sure that you stay hydrated, eat well and get a proper sleep at night – without these things the time you do spend studying will be nowhere near as productive as it could be. For quick and easy snacks that are healthy, remember you can take fruit with you when you leave the cafeteria which is always great to have handy when you get hungry.

  1. Make a schedule

I found it very helpful to write out the things that I had to get done and dedicate specific time periods to get them done in. It was good to be able to actually look at what needed to be done before I started my day or went to bed the night before.

We hope that you find these tips to be helpful as midterm season rolls around. If you are feeling stressed remember that there are a number of services on campus that can help you with that – ask your res fellow for more information if you’re interested!

Good luck with your midterms Ravens and remember, reading week is just over a week away!

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