Introducing Stormont, Dundas, and Leeds Houses!

My name is Shannon and I hope you are all having a fantastic summer filled with rest and much deserved relaxation! I am going to be your Residence Manager (RM) this upcoming year, and I am looking forward to all of the fun and exciting times in store for us in Stormont, Dundas, & Leeds! Based on my experience last year as an RM at Carleton, I can assure that you are in for an absolutely amazing experience in a truly outstanding Residence community. There are many people who are here to assist you and to provide you with the best experience possible as you learn and grow both as a student and as an individual.

As the Residence Manager I supervise your Residence Fellows and work with the entire Residence Life Staff team to ensure a deepened community experience and address concerns as we encounter challenges together. My office is located in 261 Stormont House, which is the main Housing and Residence Life Office if you ever need to come in and see me. Please feel free to stop in, introduce yourself, and say “hi” anytime! Here at Carleton we believe that relationships matter, so I not only encourage you to get to know myself, our student leaders, and your house-mates, but get involved, and reap all the benefits that your community can offer!

For some of you this may be your first time being far away from home for so long, while for others you are experienced Carleton students, or undertaking a second degree. This diversity is what I love most about my unique set of buildings; Stormont & Dundas are a vibrant set of mainly 1st-year/undergrad dormitory buildings, while Leeds House is an eclectic mix of upper-year and grad students living in suite-style accommodations. In both building areas, the Residence Life Staff team (Res Fellows, Community Advisors, & Community Developers) have all chosen to dedicate their year to improve and support your experience. From your first day in Residence to your last, you will come to know them as friends and mentors. They lead community meetings, run student-led initiatives, solve conflicts, and may provide a listening ear and a place to turn when you face particular challenges. Please take advantage of their expertise and passion for helping students!

therapy (002)One more thing you should know that is unique about myself and my fellow Residence Managers is that we are the only live-in professional staff on campus! That means we reside in apartments on-campus and you will see us immersed in the community at-large as we experience everything right alongside you from the Fresh Food Co. to fire alarms. I personally live in Stormont House, and some of you may be even more interested to know that my dog Blue, who lives with me, is the Resident Therapy Dog on campus! He is very excited to meet and connect with anyone who may be missing their pets from home, or just need a brain break from studying and the stresses of student-life. Follow him on twitter (CUTherapyDog) for updates on his appearances, and feel free to tweet at us if you’d like to say hi or share any interesting facts on mental health and students!

Wishing everyone an awesome experience this year!

Shannon Noonan
Residence Manager | Stormont, Dundas & Leeds House
Office located in 261 Stormont House