Welcome to the tallest building in residence and perhaps the most unique! My name is Brad Martin and I will be your residence manager for the upcoming year. Working as the person who oversees the building, I will be around the community in a variety of different settings so I hope to get know as many of you as possible over the 8 months that you will call Glengarry your home.  With the help of 19 Residence Fellows who live on the floors, we hope to make this year exciting and memorable!

In order to make it your home, you should probably know a little bit more about it. Glengarry opened in 1969 and was renovated in 2005 with another renovation currently taking place. It is home to 614 students in perhaps one of the most unique style of floors as there a combination of single and double rooms as well as pods which have a communal unit space that is shared between 3, 4, or 6 students. This provides a unique chance to really get to know people in a smaller setting and still have that traditional residence experience.

Glengarry is also home to our Theme Communities. Students will be on floors with students of common interest or common programs if they have expressed interest in those programs so you will get to explore your passions and academics outside of the classroom with people who share those same interests and passions. Another awesome part of Glengarry is that it is directly attached to Residence Commons which means it is the closest building (and one that is accessible without use of the tunnels) to the mailboxes, the dining hall, the Residence Reception Desk, OASIS, Abstentions, Tim Hortons and the residence ATMs.

Glengarry is a great building and will be home to an amazing community so this is your first official welcome to what is only the beginning of a great year! Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible over this year and best of luck as you begin your academic journey at Carleton University.