“OH the places you’ll go, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss wasn’t kidding around with that phrase – you are about to embark on your very own journey! Today is your day, and it begins with Carleton University and Residence. My name is Hary Shanmuganathan and I am the Residence Manager for Frontenac, Renfrew and Lanark – better known as Frenark! Being part of the residence community is the first step in paving the way for your journey at Carleton. I personally thank residence for some of my best experiences, closest friends and partner. This is your year to establish yourself, make friends, and start to make an imprint. Alongside the Residence Fellows (RF’s), I am here to help you achieve just that. Residence Fellows are upper year students who live on each floor in residence and are the first contact and resource for their residents.

Here’s the low down on Frenark. Starting with the ‘F’ in Frenark we have Frontenac. Frontenac is an upper year residence that opened up its doors in 2008, and houses 250 residents. There are six floors in the building (minus the first floor lobby), meaning there are six Residence Fellows in the building.   Getting to know your Residence Fellow goes a very long way, as they will set you up with great events while helping you in times of need. Moving along to the “REN” part of Frenark – we have Renfrew. Renfrew opened up in 1962, and holds 168 residents. There are four floors, meaning there are four Residence Fellows at your disposal. A very interesting fact is actually that Renfrew and Lanark are carbon copies of each other – just flipped! Lanark, the ‘ARK’ in Frenark, began to house residents 1962 just like Renfrew. It houses 195 residents, and as said before it is a carbon copy of Renfrew – just flipped. That being said also means that there are four floors, meaning that there are four Residence Fellows in the building. Whichever building you are in, there is a big year in the making for you. There amazing supports, amazing people, and amazing times lined up for you!
Frontenac, Renfrew and Lanark are three really great buildings with a lot to offer. As the Residence Manager, I will be around the communities a lot. Don’t be a stranger! Say hi, I’ll always put my best foot forward in order to get to know you! I am very passionate about what I do, and that’s helping you. Helping you grow, helping you establish yourself – and help you really have the best experience here as you can. Look forward to a great year ahead of us!


Hary Shanmuganathan, B.A.
Residence Manager Frontenac, Lanark, and Renfrew

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