Within the upcoming weeks, you will be sent an email regarding your roommate(s) and their contact information.   This is a great opportunity for the two (or more) of you to discuss what you are going to bring during move-in weekend.  Maybe you want to split the cost of a Coldex Fridge?  Maybe you could discuss splitting the cost of cleaning supplies?  Whatever it may be, this is your chance to get to know your roommate(s) before you even move in!

But you may also be wondering how you were paired with one other.   You may recall completing your Residence Information Form once you paid your deposit.  This Form provided our room assignment software eRezLife the parameters to place you and your roommate(s) together.   You answered questions based on your habits: your cleanliness, your sleep pattern, how social you are, whether you smoke, etc.  You may have also seen questions pertaining to what you look for in a roommate.  We hope you filled out the Form correctly and honestly, as the answers will pair you with someone with similar responses.

If you and a friend applied for residence together in hopes of being paired together, we try our best to accommodate your request.  If you applied for a Living and Learning Community or a Themed Community, a quiet, or single-gender floor, these aspects of your application would have taken priority as well.

Living with roommates can be an amazing experience.  It can also be difficult and hard to adapt to the new lifestyle.  Don’t worry, we understand this.  But living in residence is about what you put into your experience.  Learning about your roommate(s) will help you broaden your perspective and learn about others.  Living in our residence is a great place to learn outside of the classroom.

Should you find that you and your roommate cannot seem to get along after move-in, and you have connected with your Residence Fellow about your concerns, there is a room change policy in effect.  As it is preferable that you try to mediate conflicts between you and your roommates with your Residence Fellow before completing a request, no room change requests will be accepted until September 29, 2016.  These are offered on a first come, first serve basis according to student type and availability.  It is important to know that a request will not or cannot always be granted.

We have and will continue to strongly encourage students to complete their Residence Information Form themselves in the most honest and accurate way possible.

Make sure you connect with your future roommate(s) once you are provided their information.  Build that rapport early!  Looking forward to move in…it’s only one month away!