Well, it is almost time for the holiday break! Two weeks of not having to worry about assignments or deadlines and even longer if you have a good exam schedule. The only thing standing between you and the winter break are exams. To help get you through what may be your first exam season at university we made up a list of tips that will make exams a breeze!


One of the worst things you can do when studying for exams is wait until the last minute to start your studying. You will get stressed, anxious and are way less likely to retain the information when you adopt this method of studying. If you plan ahead you will be able to take a more relaxed approach to your studying and this should help you avoid frantic last minute studying!

2. Study with friends


To help avoid the reality pictured above, it is always best to go into a group study session with your friends with at least a basic understanding of the material.

3. Ask your professors or TA’s for help:

In my four years at Carleton, I have never met a professor or a TA who hasn’t made themselves totally available to students during the exam period. Seeing as these are the people who tend to create the exams they are always a pretty good source for helpful insight!

4. Take Care of Yourself

Skipping meals and pulling all nighters is a recipe for disaster during exams. You have to make sure that you stay hydrated, eat well and get a proper sleep at night – without these things the time you do spend studying will be nowhere near as productive as it could be. For quick and easy snacks that are healthy, remember you can take fruit with you when you leave the cafeteria which is great to have handy when you get hungry. And remember if you start feeling down, pet a puppy! Therapy dogs visit the campus regularly during exams.


5. Make time for fun

After a hard day of studying, everyone deserves a reward and one of the best ways to reward yourself is to have some fun! If you are the type of person who loves being with your friends, try to make a schedule for studying that allows you to all be available to hangout at the same time.

We hope that you find these tips to be helpful as exam season rolls around. If you are feeling stressed remember that there are a number of services on campus that can help you with that – ask your res fellow for more information if you’re interested!